On April 24, 2012 Edstrom Construction, Inc. started construction on this project.  It consisted of 5980 lf of 6” water main, 54 Campsite Services, 12 Irrigation Services, 8500 feet of Electrical Conduit connecting new electrical services for each of the campsites.  A new well was brought online with a new 15 HP Gould pump.  Both the existing well as well as the new well were wired with new VFD drives to control the volume as the demand varies.  New piping in the wellhouse was installed, changing from a 2” inlet from the old well to a new 4” inlet from the old well and a 4” inlet from the new well.  Besides the VFD drives, each well is controlled by a 4” Cla-Val check valve and a 2-1/2” deep well control valve manufactured by Cla-Val as well.