Delbert and Linda Edstrom

Delbert and Linda Edstrom started Edstrom Construction in April 1975.  Delbert had been working as a Superintendent for Hartwell Excavation.  Kennedy Paving and Hartwell Excavation decided to merge companies and create a new entity.  As part of the merger, employees of Hartwell Excavation were given the option of a buyout on their stocks.  Delbert and Linda decided this was their opportunity to start their own business and made their first purchase, a backhoe.  Through determination and ambition they have grown Edstrom Construction to the company it is today; averaging 10 million a year in revenue and employing some 75 employees.


Linda Edstrom – Owner/President

As President, Linda oversees all financial operations of the company.  As a newly formed company, she was solely responsible for the accounting, licensing, banking, project correspondence and all other office operations.  Her experience includes 35 years in project analysis, accounting for the business, expansion planning, and project management.  Linda also recognizes the importance of giving back to the local community.  She serves as a member of the Rexburg Civic Club and also serves actively in her church.   

Delbert Edstrom – Owner/Secretary

Delbert Edstrom is part owner and Operations Manager for ECI.  He has been in the construction field for 43 years.  His background includes construction for support elements, as well as water, sewer and storm drain pipelines, excavation and grading.  Delbert has extensive knowledge in dewatering, as well as bypass pumping.  He has worked in many multi-task projects through completion with subcontract interface and mass vendor participation.